A Successful Morning Starts The Night Before!

Over the years I experimented with many things including reading before bed, drinking tea, writing, meditating and fasting. What I have realised is that it as long as i have a routine in place it helps me maintain control, set the scene for good health, uninterrupted sleep and a clean start in the morning. What i have found works best for me is hitting all 5 senses in ways that will help me relax & prime me for the ultimate rest and recovery. Visual - Salt Lamp, i love the ambiance the pink light sets which helps me relax & some light reading, right now I’m reading 'Awaken Your Soul' by Roh Singh. Audible - Sounds, Scott & I love falling asleep to nature sounds. I also LOVE a good guided med

Do You Make Your Recovery A Priority?

I've had many questions as to how many rest days i have and what my recovery looks like etc. Heres the thing…I am going to tell you something you already know...everyone is different! Trial and error, test and adjust, everything works just not forever so it's important to find what works for you now and alter it along the way. For me I see a Chiro/Physio weekly, try to get at least 7hrs sleep a night (easier said then done), have a good balance of of work, training and play. My recovery includes hydration, supplementation, mobility sequencing, ice/heat treatment, stretching, myofascial & deep tissue release, stress management, compression, screen stimulation management, meditation, TIME OUT.

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