The Power Of Your Period!

WAIT…Gents, before you run away. You may benefit greatly from knowing how our partners, spouses, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and clients feel during their menstrual cycle and how they can plan their exercise more intelligently. So read on. It’s that time of the month again and you’re feeling bloated, irritable, tired, grumpy and psychologically devastated. The symptoms vary by individual and can affect you physically and mentally but it can also affect your performance… in a good way, if you pay attention to your cycle. Your cycle influences your metabolic rate. The week or so before your period is due to begin (luteal phase) your insulin sensitivity levels lower while at the same ti

Get Your Best Workout EVERY Workout

Let’s face it; we don’t always bust out the perfect workout and some days are just tougher than the other for many different reasons! Well, there are many factors that go into the perfect workout. Let’s take a look at a few of my favourite and most important factors that will help you get amped up and prepare you for the perfect workout time and time again: Nutrition: You guessed it. Nutrition in general is extremely important. To keep you energised and ready to endure your workout, nutrition in and around your training session is the key to ensuring you’re fuelled and ready to rock! Your PRE and POST workout meals play a key role in the effectiveness of those workouts. Allow me to elaborate

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