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Do You Make Your Recovery A Priority?

I've had many questions as to how many rest days i have and what my recovery looks like etc. Heres the thing…I am going to tell you something you already know...everyone is different! Trial and error, test and adjust, everything works just not forever so it's important to find what works for you now and alter it along the way.

For me I see a Chiro/Physio weekly, try to get at least 7hrs sleep a night (easier said then done), have a good balance of of work, training and play. My recovery includes hydration, supplementation, mobility sequencing, ice/heat treatment, stretching, myofascial & deep tissue release, stress management, compression, screen stimulation management, meditation, TIME OUT...and the list goes on. All to help aid in muscle repair, hormonal, neurological, spiritual and structural recovery. You know i love to train hard but I view recovery & rest as important elements within my training itself to give my body the chance to repair in order for it to perform at its best and ultimately for longevity.

I listen to my body now more than ever. it’s taken me a while but I’m that in-tune now to know when my body and my mind need the rest. This depends on many factors; training, hormones, life, energy levels and schedule to name a few as to how many rest days I have a week. Could be one, could be two, or i might just do one session a day rather than two. However my favourite rest is the active recovery kind, getting outdoors for adventures and exploring our beautiful surroundings is great for my headspace.

I know the difference between training through DOMS and training through an overly fatigued system. One is harmless and somewhat character building and the second can be detrimental to your goals, health, wellness and body. But let me expand on DOMS, I love the feeling of DOMS, it means I’ve done my job right and in my experience training through DOMS helps flush the soreness away. But to limit the extent of DOMS i use Magnesium Oil as it is well known to be an excellent aid for tired, sore, cramped muscles that need a bit of love and relaxation. It helps your muscles recover faster after a hard workout, by fighting inflammation, raising your antioxidant levels and replenishing the energy stores in your muscles. The most effective way to absorb magnesium is through the skin which is why I choose to use spray over tablet form so you spray directly on the area to help speed up your recovery.

The list of benefits of Magnesium oil are HUGE and will cover a few of these in later posts. All in all, this Super Mineral will boost your recovery and help you to be your best self - whether you’re an athlete or not. I also use the True Protein ZMA (Zinc & Mag combination) prior to going to sleep, seriously AH-MAZING.

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Much Luv

JL x

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