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In a time where things have become ever-changing and uncertain, building a healthy and stable routine at home has become even more important.


This 14 Day Lockdown Challenge was designed to make training at home just as effective, creative and fun as training in the gym. A program to prove to you that your home, hotel or holiday workouts don’t have to be so boring. If you’re in lockdown, quarantine, on the road, staying in a hotel or not feeling the gym environment, this program is for you.


I have created this 14 Day Lockdown Challenge to keep you moving, motivated and progressing. Workouts that are unique, fun, challenging and easy to follow that will give you an even blend of HIIT, strength, functional movement and stretching that help you improve your overall mobility and flexibility.

To maximise this program it would be helpful for you to have the following basic equipment:


Recommended Equipment Required:

   - A set of Dumbbells

   - Kettlebell(s)

   - A ball (wall ball or dead ball)

   - Skipping Rope

   - Resistance Loop Bands

While this is a 14 Day Challenge, you do have an option of a 6-Day Training block with the 7th being a rest/recovery day.


Training Split:

   - 4 Training Days

   - 1 Recovery/De-load Day

   - 1 Choose Your Own Adventure/Rest Day

   - 1 Mobility Session

So if you are ready to HIIT this lockdown period hard, repeat after me....


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