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The 'JL | Nutrition Guide' was designed to help teach you everything about Nutrition, understand how to fuel your body to make it feel and do wondrous things and to help you find the ultimate balance for YOU. Because let's face it, everyone is different. 

We want to be able to MOVE for longevity of life & ENJOY the food we eat for the way it makes us FEEL, for pure enjoyment, fulfilment and and as a tool for bringing out the best version of ourselves. Not as something we HAVE to do to look a certain way or to fit in. 

Enhancing ALL areas of your life and striving to become stronger than you were yesterday, not just the physical but also your emotional well-being, mental state of mind and being comfortable in your own skin because ultimately, life is about BALANCE and you need to find what that looks like to YOU.

The 'JL | Nutrition Guide' is also the perfect addition to the 'JL | ALL IN 30 Day Challenge' and will provide you with the essential nutritional combinations to effectively cater to the intensity of the program.

So let's maximise your efforts by ensuring you understand the foods you are fuelling your body with and that your meals are contributing to a successful result.

Covered in the JL | Nutrition Guide:

  • What is clean eating 

  • Understanding your metabolism 

  • Don’t hate calories

  • Eat more to lose then maintain

  • Importance of fibre

  • Through about fats & carbs

  • Nutrition for performance

  • Energy & recovery phases

  • Weight loss facts & info

  • Supplements 

  • Antioxidants are vital

  • Hydration 

And so much more...


  • Meal Plan &

  • Over 21 recipes

*please note this is a PDF delivery

It's time to go ALL IN with your nutrition & remember, aim high, lead with your heart, remember your why, live your passion, experiment with life, experience everything, empower yourself, it'll empower others. But most of all do you, FOR YOU. 

JL x

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