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JL's Quarantine Workout Program 

Train like Olympic Athlete Caroline Buchanan with limited space & limited equiptment.


Allow me to keep you moving during your hotel quarantine stay, lockdown period or if you're just looking for that extra motivation and accountability to train at home or on holidays. 


  • No Gym: No Problem
  • Limited Equipment: Basic Home Equipment Only 
  • Any Destination: Designed For Quarantine, Lockdown, Home, Hotel or Holiday's
  • ​Member's Only Training Hub: Your Hub includes workout descriptions, exercise videos, workout schedule and ME as your Coach
  • Consistency: 14-Days of movement divided into a structured training split to help you progress your results
  • Performance & Recovery Focused: An even balance of strength, cardio, rest & recovery days as well as mobility sequences
  • ​​Accountability: Will come easy with access to The JL Collective Support Group
  • ​Fitness Made Fun: Expand Your Home Training Ability Beyond Push-Up's, Sit-Up's & Squats


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