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Digital Film Tools EZ Mask 3.0.6 Win X64 [REPACK]

Beauty Box Video is simple and automatic to use. This skin retouching and digital makeup plugin automatically identifies skin tones and creates a mask that limits the smoothing effect to the skin areas. Just apply the video filter, let it analyze the footage, set a few smoothing options, and let the plugin render to make skin retouching incredibly easy. That's it!

Digital Film Tools EZ Mask 3.0.6 Win X64


Video editors and artists no longer have to manually create skin smoothing masks or retouch video frame by frame. Beauty Box automatically identifies the skin tones and removes imperfections, like digital makeup, while leaving important facial details sharp. It's used by such companies as Park Road Post Production, NBC, and Universal Music. Beauty Box is a powerful tool for any production that requires people to look their best.


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