A Successful Morning Starts The Night Before!

July 3, 2019



Over the years I experimented with many things including reading before bed, drinking tea, writing, meditating and fasting. What I have realised is that it as long as i have a routine in place it helps me maintain control, set the scene for good health, uninterrupted sleep and a clean start in the morning. What i have found works best for me is hitting all 5 senses in ways that will help me relax & prime me for the ultimate rest and recovery.


Visual - Salt Lamp, i love the ambiance the pink light sets which helps me relax & some light reading, right now I’m reading 'Awaken Your Soul' by Roh Singh.


Audible - Sounds, Scott & I love falling asleep to nature sounds. I also LOVE a good guided meditation. 


Smell - Candles or Oil lamp: The scent of lavender will not only reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep, but it helps to increase the amount of slow-wave or deep sleep that you get helping you feel more rested when you wake in the morning.


Touch - Skin, every night before bed I spray SaltLab magnesium oil on tummy and gently rub it in.


Taste - Before hitting bed i down my ZMA (zink, magnesium aspartate) to support the immune system, aid in recovery & sleep) i then hop into bed with my Herbal Tea. 


As I drift off to sleep I acknowledge & reflect on my day then set clear intentions for the days ahead by visualising how id like them to look & feel like. So...These are just a few things that work for me. Experiment and find what works for you, trial & error, test & adjust as i always say. 


My message to you as you hit the pillow tonight: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Dream Bright!





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