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The Office - Season 3

Television history is full of iconic couples. Luke and Lorelai, Cory and Topanga, Kurt and Blaine, Seth and Summer, David and Patrick, Pacey and Joey. People have a habit of tuning in each week eager to see if their favorite dynamic duo will finally get together. It's part of what makes watching TV so much fun. One of the most beloved television couples, made their debut on NBC's remake of Britain's "The Office." This mockumentary about a rag-tag group of paper salesmen under the watch of their foolish but lovable boss, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) become a cultural phenomenon and went on to make 9 seasons, many of which revolved around the romance of Jim and Pam.

The Office - Season 3


When the show first aired, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) were immediately on everyone's will-they-won't-they radar. Known for their infectious chemistry and mutual love of a good practical joke, we all painstakingly watched and waited for them to get it together and finally get together. Season two's Dundie episode had us all feeling God and a little bit of hope for Jim and Pam in that Chili's, for sure. But PB&J fans would have to wait all the way until season three's finale to finally, finally see the duo go from friends to lovers. It's a memorable moment that every "The Office" fan knows intimately, but did you know it almost didn't happen that way?

On Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's (who plays Angela on the show) remarkable podcast "Office Ladies" in which they rewatch every episode of "The Office" and provide their own commentary, Fischer and Kinsey look back on this much-loved end-to-season three.

Let's set the scene. Jim is interviewing for a corporate job that will relocate him to New York City. He is currently dating Karen (Rashida Jones) but still secretly not over his feelings for Pam. It's pretty much guaranteed that Jim will be given the job in New York, but during his interview, he comes across a note Pam slipped into his reports wishing him luck. Realizing that he can't leave Scranton without at least trying a relationship with Pam, Jim returns to the Pennsylvania office where he interrupts an interview with Pam to ask her if she is free for dinner later that night. She says yes (obvi). Jim says, "It's a date," and leaves. Pam looks at the camera with visible tears of happiness in her eyes and asks the cameraman to repeat the question. End scene.

In the alternate end to season 3, Pam and Jim still get together (thank GOD), but the way they get together is nowhere near as adorable. "In the second version, you hear voiceover of Jim throwing his interview with David" explains Fischer on the podcast. She explains that Jim jokes through his interview so much that David Wallace (Andy Buckley) wonders aloud if Jim even wants the job in the first place. Fischer continues,

But the true story behind how Krasinski got approval to cut his hair and wear a wig for a season of The Office is a fascinating and kind of hilarious look behind the scenes of life on a hit broadcast TV show.

One of the greatest and most popular comedies of all-time, The Office, took a great deal of time to arrive at the point where it was beloved. Many claim season 2 was the show's peak, but there are also some who would make the case that season 3 was really when it hit its stride.

From some of the funniest episodes to some of the most moving emotional arcs, season three encapsulates what The Office is all about. Pam comes into her own, Andy is introduced, and the main cast's ambition is palpable throughout. Season 3 is one of the best television seasons ever and IMDB has rankings for all of its episodes. These are the top 10.

"Product Recall," against all odds, is one of the sweeter episodes of the show. It is centered around the revelation that Andy is dating a high school student and the news that an obscene watermark is on Dunder Mifflin's paper, but still, it ends with a melodious rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" from Jim and Andy, showing that the office workers really care for each other.

"The Return" is another 8.8-rated episode on the list, which just goes to show how consistently great the season was as a whole. It just had slightly fewer ratings than the top-ranking 8.8 episode on the list. This episode sees the audience's willingness to tolerate Andy Bernard pushed to its limits as he becomes extremely annoying and overbearing. But, at the very least, it results in Michael seeking out Dwight, who has left Dunder Mifflin for Staples.

As one of the show's Christmas episodes, "A Benihana Christmas" absolutely deserves to be considered on all best episodes of The Office lists, let alone the rankings for season 3. It makes for a great tradition every year, as two classic stories unfold simultaneously.

"Gay Witch Hunt" is the season premiere of the third season of The Office. It is at its most iconic during the scene where Michael kisses Oscar to prove that he regrets his earlier homophobic comments.

"Beach Games" has a solid argument that it's one of the show's best episodes ever, let alone just the runner-up for season 3's cream of the crop. As the penultimate installment, "Beach Games" sees Michael putting the selection of his replacement to the fates. It will be decided by a series of athletic competitions.

"The Job" is the season finale of the third arc of The Office, and it definitely deserves its sky-high rating. It contains what might be the best moment in the entire show: when Jim rushes back from his job interview in New York to ask Pam out on a date. Jenna Fischer's smile in that scene is some of the greatest acting ever put to screen. It is so infectiously happy.

"The Job" also had the jaw-dropping moment in the episode's coda when it was revealed that Ryan got the job, and would be the boss of the people he used to temp for. Viewers could not wait for season four after that revelation.

When the creators of The Chosen announced they would be premiering the last two episodes of season three in theaters, fans grabbed tickets so quickly that it crashed the ticketing website. Later, the theatrical debut was also extended by Fathom Events in order to meet the high demand.

As CBN News has reported, The Chosen is the largest crowd-funded media project in history and has become a global phenomenon. The series about the life of Jesus and his disciples took the faith-based film industry by storm in 2017. According to the Chosen app, there have been more than 400 million views of the first two seasons, behind-the-scenes looks, and cast Q&A.

Fill your Inbox with hilarious moments from The Office Season Three in this four-disc collection that's crammed with extensive bonus features and all 22 episodes of the 2006 Primetime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Comedy Series! Steve Carell is back in his Golden Globe-winning role as earnest but clueless boss Michael Scott who can't help but contribute his own irreverent commentary to the daily happenings at the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company. As the staff deals with potential office closures mergers romances and advancement Michael's always there to say all the wrong things at all the right times. Including five supersized episodes and over three hours of deleted scenes The Office Season Three is packed with classic moments from the show that TIME magazine praises for satirizing the culture of coffee cubicles and Chili's with heart and laser precision.

As the door to Daniels' office opened, Ferry went inside. "I literally turned to B.J. and said, 'It was nice working with you BJ,'" afraid that she would have to leave the show after this scheme. "I see Kent, and I see Greg sitting at his desk, and John is kind of sitting next to him, and I see the wig off sitting right in front of Greg," she said.

"The first thing Greg said was, 'Wow. You guys have balls,' and then goes, 'but I have to say I didn't see that coming,'" Ferry said. Krasinski had already waltzed into the office and outlined the reasons why Daniels should let him wear a wig on the show, all while secretly wearing the wig. Ferry continued, "Greg kept saying, 'No! I would know if you're wearing a wig.' So John leaned over the desk and said, 'No I don't think you would.' That's when he ripped it off and shut it down, and we got to do the wig."

Dwight: I am greatly concerned about having a convict in the office. And I do not care if that convict is white, black, Asian, German, or some kind of halfsy. I do not like criminals.

Prison Mike: And prison. Fifty-fifty... both. Look, prison stinks is what I'm saying. It's not like you can go home and recharge your batteries, and come back in the morning and be with your friends, having fun in the office.

Summary (NBC): Outrage breaks out in the office after Phyllis gets an unexpected eyeful from a flasher. Michael makes some important personal decisions when he takes the women on a special outing. Supersized, 8:36-9:19pm. (This is the episode we watched being filmed during our set visit!)

Krasinski enlisted the best wig maker in town to make him a wig of human hair. He then secretly put the wig on and went to Daniels' office to convince him to let him star in the film. Daniels adamantly refused, saying he would notice something like that easily. Krasinski then took off the wig and said, "No, I don't think you would." Stunned, Daniels relented and Krasinski was able to take the part. As a result, the final six episodes of Season 3 feature Jim Halpert sporting a secret hairpiece.

All students, staff, and faculty are invited to join Dean Paul and Courtney Caron and the Christian Legal Society for viewings of the third season of the Biblically-based TV series The Chosen each Friday at 12:35 PM in the Caruso Auditorium's Classroom D. 041b061a72


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