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Radio Gta San Andreas Download

hey people, I really love Gta San Andreas... And most of all I love the music. So I ripped the music of the game so I could listen to it when I am on reddit for example! ofcourse it wouldnt be fair if I would be the only one enjoying this great radio stations. so here are the download links I made for ALL the radio stations! enjoy! :D

Radio Gta San Andreas Download


OH SHIT!Edit: Playlist created, don't sleep -theft-auto-radioDr. Dre (feat. Snoop Dogg & RBX) - Fuck wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') (1992)2Pac (feat. Pogo) - I Don't Give a Fuck (1991)Dr. Dre (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang (1992)Compton's Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under (1992)The D.O.C - It's Funky Enough (1989)N.W.A - Alwayz Into Somethin' (1991)N.W.A - Express Yourself (1988)Kid Frost - La Raza (1990)Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill a Man (1991)Above the Law - Murder Rap (1990)Eazy-E - Eazy-er Said Than Dunn (1988)Da Lench Mob (feat. Ice Cube) - Guerillas in tha Mist (1992)Ice Cube - It Was a Good Day (1992)Ice Cube (feat. Das EFX) - Check Yo Self (1992)Dr. Dre (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Deep Cover (1992)Too $hort - The Ghetto (1990)

The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is set in 1992 in the West Coast state of San Andreas, is made up of in-game radio stations which play a variety of music from various genres. In addition to contemporary 1990s music, it also includes music from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. For the first time in the Grand Theft Auto series, all the songs are licensed, in complete contrast to the original Grand Theft Auto game.

In previous games, radio stations consisted of a single, looped audio file which repeated songs, DJ commentary and commercials in the same order. In GTA San Andreas, the game itself randomizes the playlist, DJ commentary during and between songs, and other aspects such as weather reports. Some stations, most notably West Coast Talk Radio, changes its programming as the game progresses, sometimes reflecting events within the game or subplots occurring within the radio programming. Even the police radio track changes towards the latter part of the game, when the riots occur.

An extensive 8-CD Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Official Soundtrack Box Set was released containing music from the game's radio stations, while a smaller 2-CD compilation set was also released.

On October 26, 2014, GTA San Andreas was re-released as a download for the Xbox 360 to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary. However, over the years, the licenses for some of the songs had expired, and thus some of the songs were excluded from future re-releases as a PS2 Classic on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, as well as The Definitive Edition. K-Rose, SF-UR and CSR 103.9 are the only stations to retain their original playlists.

There are twelve in-game radio stations, with one custom station modified by the player. The songs are listed in the same order as they appear in the game manual. Please select a station to jump to its section.

GTA San Andreas allows players to play their songs in the PC, Xbox and iOS ports of the game. This custom radio station is named "User Track Player" in the PC and Xbox ports, and "Mixtape" in the iOS port.

"User Track Player" only supports .ogg and .mp3 music formats (as well as shortcuts to those types of files). Contrary to previous custom stations in the series, "User Track Player" offers various options of playing the music files: in sequential order, on random, or within a rudimentary radio station that only plays commercials between music tracks. Players are also allowed to immediately skip to the next track if the station is not set as a radio station. Inserting custom music into "User Track Player" consists of placing music files in a "User Tracks" folder, located in its GTA "User Files" folders within My Documents. To ensure recently inserted tracks are sure to be played, GTA San Andreas requires the players "scan" the music folder using the audio options for new music tracks.

"Mixtape" requires the player to create an iTunes playlist on their iOS device named "GTASA" and add songs to that playlist. After that has been done, they must start up the game, be in any normal vehicle, and keep changing the radio station until they reach "Tape Deck", which is between WCTR and "Radio Off".

Commercials in GTA San Andreas are a gigantic expansion from the previous game, the huge number of fictional products that are advertised in San Andreas dwarfs anything that Rockstar had made until that point. Running time for San Andreas commercials is just a couple of minutes shorter than that of Grand Theft Auto V. Due to the new randomizing mechanics of the stations in San Andreas, commercials could feature on any radio station and in any order. As San Andreas is set in an earlier era, the commercials follow the model set by the commercials in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and depicts the media trends, relevant topics and general atmosphere of the early 1990s.

@StarkillerJD I just checked it and everyhing seems to be ok. I uploaded my mod on Google Drive since is pretty big. You need to download archive from this site ( that contains a download link, paste link in your internet browser and start download from Google Drive.

You guys better download these soon. For some bullshit reason they are removing all of the radio station mods from GTA 5 mods. Stupid DMCA invading our lives once again. For fuck sake, leave our mods alone. Thanks for making this mod! Keep the mods living friends, protect our fair use rights! :D

By chance, before this goes down thanks to Article 13, can you include a version of the radio station logos in all black-and-white, or all-colour? Three colour logos surrounded by the other black-and-white logos does mess with my head a little.

I tried it, I love the quality and that there is more songs than ads here (I got this same playlist in my phone for some time). But I got one issue, that songs start playing again when they overcome length or original radio (East los FM have 41:05, and K-DST have 68:24). So everytime the kdst reach 41:05, its start to play again. I drive most in Taxi, cause I moded it to Crown V, and love this mod so I don't need to hear eas los fm everytime I get in :D So I wante dto ask if anybody know how and where to change radio length. Plus add an colorful hud for radios, cause new radio station are colorful, so they can match. Thanks for this mod, I love it!

K Rose is a country music radio station in GTA San Andreas hosted by Mary-Bell Maybeth. The radio station primarily plays country music from the 1950s through the 1980s. K Rose is broadcasted from somewhere in the desert, possibly from the radio tower by the Big Ear.

With a total of 11 radio stations, 155 songs, and 8 different talk shows, our GTA San Andreas Radio Stations and Song list guide details the name and genre of every station, as well as a full list of songs that you can expect to hear in-game. This guide includes an update for the GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition release for Xbox, PC, and PS5.

It's quite easy to add your own music files to the User Track Player, since it doesn't require a lot of computer knowledge at all. The User Track Player allows you to skip a song or a radio commercial by pressing the [F5] key.

The option 'Play Mode' has three settings: Radio, Random and Sequential. When using 'Radio', your music files will be interrupted by radio commercials. When using 'Random', your music files will be played randomly and will not be interrupted by radio commercials. When using 'Sequential', your music files will be playing alphabetically and will not be interrupted by radio commercials.

By setting 'Automatic Media Scan' to 'ON' the game will scan the User Tracks folder each time you start the game. When you set this setting to 'OFF', the game will not do this. It is useful to set this setting to 'ON' when you upload music files to your computer often, so the radio station is up-to-date when you start playing.

You guys better download these soon. For some bullshit reason they are removing all of the radio station mods from GTA 5 mods. Stupid DMCA invading our lives once again. For fuck sake, leave our mods alone. Thanks for making this mod! Keep the mods alive friends, protect our fair use rights! :D

@HarleyQuinnSquad RIP I guess. I kinda expected this to happen some day but it's still mind-boggling. It's not like we're offering songs to be downloaded separately in a common and handy format. And on top of that I find it a bit strange that all those car brands/models and licensed game models (like from Star Wars games) are ok but radio stations is where they draw the line now. Not an expert on this but I think those mods are just as big a violation as radio station mods (which they all aren't imo because fair use). The moderators here want to play it safe I guess and there won't be much outrage because radio station mods aren't nearly as popular as cars. Imagine if they started removing car mods now.

@Solid Snake No problem man. But yeah that was my argument as well. If they keep listening to these stupid DMCA claims then all of the mods will be taken down. I think GTA 5 mods should stand their ground. Like you said its not like we are giving the songs as Mp3s, then I could see the issue in that. These are compressed into rpf files for GTA V. Also the original game lets you make your own radio station. So I don't see the point of calling that a copyright infringement. I think it is an infringement on our fair use rights.

The good news is that the moderators decided to leave the radio stations that convert older radio stations from previous GTA games and any that have a rpf file to my knowledge. But they definitely said that radio stations like yours and any that convert older GTA songs are fine. I think as long as they are compressed into an rpf file you will be safe.


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