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Efsane Turkish Trap ##VERIFIED##

The story takes place in the 8th century before the Turks converted to Islam.[6] The tale starts with Alpagu Khan, whose infantrymen were killed because of a Chinese-led trap. Following this betrayal, his brother Balamir Yabghu finds a note on a Chinese soldier which reveals that Alpagu's wife, Tılsım Hatun, betrayed him, and that she and her father had formed an alliance with China to destroy the Gök Khaganate. Upon learning this, Alpagu kills Tılsım Hatun, thereby orphaning his son, Batuga.

Efsane Turkish Trap

Whilst on a journey, Alpagu Khan and his Alps are ambushed by a Chinese-led trap, in which Alpagu comes out victorious, at the cost of 249 Alps. Balamir Yabgu finds a note on one of the Chinese soldiers, which labels Tilsim Hatun (Alpagu's second wife) and her father Toygar Khan as the ones responsible for informing China of Alpagu's journey and thereby betraying Alpagu. Alpagu thereby kills his wife Tilsim, her father Toygar Khan and Evren Alp, father of Akkiz, thereby orphaning Akkiz and Tilsim and Alpagu's disabled son, Batuga. Batuga then pretends to be insane in order to save himself from death by strangling, and Akkiz swears revenge. 15 years later, Alpagu arranges for Batuga's marriage to his cousin Kircicek, daughter of Balamir Yabgu. While on the way to ask for Kircicek's hand, Alpagu is shot by Akkiz, which results in Dag Tribe being raided and Akkiz and many other girls taken prisoner. Akkiz and Batuga reunite after briefly meeting 15 years ago, and Batuga reveals to Akkiz that he is actually not insane. Batuga eventually helps Akkiz escape Gok Palace. Akkiz then reveals that she is the "Paw of the Two Headed Wolf" in front of the entire council due to being threatened with Batuga. Alpagu is about to have Akkiz executed when Batuga storms in, revealing that he is not insane, and finally speaking after 15 years. Batuga and Akkiz then escape the palace and engage in a conflict with Alpagu Khan. It is also revealed that Tilsim Bike and her father were not traitors, but had been framed by Ulu Ece, the first wife of Alpagu due to her jealousy. They finally make peace after the arrival of the Itbraklar. Batuga then manages to finally heal his disabled arm and foot, and is the one to lead the war against the Itbraklars along with Alpagu. The series ends with Akkiz and Batuga marrying, and Batuga is appointed as Yabgu of the West Gok Khanate. Temur Tegin was shot dead, Batuga Then got killed in the last episode at the hands of Ulu Ece, who was killed eventually by Akkiz. Akkiz takes the throne and becomes the new Ulu Ece before giving birth to a boy. 041b061a72


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