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Buy Animal Skin Rugs

Where your animal skin rug comes from can make a huge difference. In general, rugs from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and France are considered to be the gold standard of animal skin rugs. This is because these areas use special oils and chrome salts to tan the rugs and prevent them from becoming coarse. Plus, if maintaining ethical standards is important to you, manufacturers from these areas only use humane skin from the dairy and meat industry.

buy animal skin rugs


Brazilian rugs are going to be slightly thicker and have a shinier coat to them whereas our European line tends to have more sought after patterns and colors. Both are great quality products that we hand select to ensure you are getting the best possible product.

You can regularly vacuum the rugs without any issue. For stains, spills, or animal accidents, we recommend using a damp washcloth with some soap or our formulated Cowhide Cleaner. Additionally, you can steam clean your rug if you have any major stains.

Our family business was never that tech savvy, but we knew it would be worth it to bring our rug offerings online, but with a twist. When you see a rug on our site, you will know that is the exact rug you will receive. We stand behind our products offering some of the best return and exchange policies you'll find anywhere online. With the combination of our hand selected, top quality rugs where we search through 1000's of cowhides to end up with only 100's the best cowhides to offer our beloved customers. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey and appreciate each one of you for supporting our family business for over 25 years.

When we pick our hides out for tanning we go through piles of 1000's hides to pick out only the top 10-15% of hides. Our tanning process is ISO 9001 certified which means we use quality management steps to produce the same results repeatedly. We believe in complete transparency from the moment you arrive at our site, so we let you know exactly what rug you will receive, where the rug is from, and provide a certificate of authenticity for your new cowhide rug. Because of the high quality of our products they can be used under coffee tables, high traffic areas, kid's rooms, and more! Great for projects such as reupholstering chairs with cowhide or sheepskin, custom ottomans, upcycling outdated furniture, wall panels, ceiling panels, custom cowhide bedroom furniture, sofa accents or seating areas, notebooks, and more.

A hide rug is the complete skin of an animal that has gone through a chrome tanning or vegetable tanning process. Due to the natural material, this process is necessary to preserve the skin and prevent it from decomposing.

Wildlife Etc. offers quality Zebra rugs and skins for your home or office. We have an excellent selection of Felt Lined Zebra Skin Rugs, plain Zebra Skins or Zebra Hides, Zebra Rugs and Zebra Pillows. We also have other African animal skins and rugs for your selection. Please click on Store to enter.

Every piece in the Hides of Excellence home decor collection is crafted from the finest grade ethically sourced, sustainable animal skins. We scour the world to work with leading tanneries that share or commitment to animal welfare and environmental concerns. Not only is every hide used in our accents a transformation from a discarded farming industry animal hide, but we also take great care to ensure their processing follows strict environmentally safe procedures free from harmful chemicals and dyes.

Since 1952, our family-run business has furnished Australian homes with quality leather, cowhide, fur and animal skin home accessories. Today, each distinctive rug, cushion and ottoman is available to order online with delivery worldwide.

Nowhere in the world will you find more attractive, durable, and versatile cowhide rugs and cowhide products than right here at Cowhide Outlet. Our rugs are great for any room of the house, including your living room, office, foyer, dining room, family room - or even as a decorative wall hanging.

Choosinga cowhide rug for your home is a great way to make a statement that lasts foryears. When it comes to the flooring in your home, it can look a bit bare ifthere is nothing added to it. In fact, a bare floor in the home can make a roomfeel cold and useless. This is where adding this specific type of rug to theroom can really work out well for you. If you're wondering why an animal skin rug is the right option foryou, there are many advantages to this specific type of product for the home.

First and foremost,animal hide is more durable than many other rugs available on the market. Manypeople who have these types of rugs find that they last for years, and theycontinue to look beautiful and new throughout that entire time. You'll neverdeal with a faded or ugly rug just because it's old when you make the decisionto buy animal skins for the home. The lasting beauty of these rugs is definitelyapparent for those who have chosen to both buy and use the product forthemselves.Another great thing about animal skin rugs is that they are completely naturalin the way that they look and feel. When you buy an imitation rug or a simplerug made with different materials, the colours are all dyed and do not looknatural at all. With animal hide, you're getting a rug that is completelynatural in all of its beauty. This will better complement your home becauseyou're not using something that looks synthetic and fake. More and morehomeowners and renters are realizing just how gorgeous it can be for them toadd this type of rug to any room of the home, whether it's a bedroom or theliving room.The animal hide itselfis also very warm and comfortable, and it can add a sense of sophistication toa room like no other. Many people love to add this type of rug to a logcabin-style home, but it can even go with modern decor and furniture that youmight have. The sheer warmth of the rug is also going to insulate your floorsand make them a lot more comfortable to walk on throughout the day. This typeof rug is fantastic for colder climates because of its insulating properties.You can choose to use the rug on the floor as a beautiful complement to yourdecour, or you might want to add the rug as a throw to a couch or recliner.Whatever you choose to do with the animal skin, you're sure to get many yearsout of it for you and your family. The rugs are easy to clean and keep overtime, so you'll never have to deal with something that's dirty and hard to takecare of on your own. Be sure to look at many of the gorgeous rug styles andcolours available to you so that you can decide on the one that is right foryou. This will help you to decorate your home in the best way that you see fit.

There's something special about the softness and warmth of a sheepskin rug and the unique look of a cowhide rug. They're very practical, too, as both materials are naturally durable. Choose from different colors like white and grey, and shades of black that you'll find in our cowhides.

We offer a premium range of luxury animal skins, carefully hand selected to offer a variety of styles to choose from- be it a traditional look or a more contemporary style. Our exquisite range of hide rugs will allow you to add a truly unique splash of elegance to your home.

Nothing makes a gorgeous decorstatement in a fine home like a hide or fur rug. Whether you are seeking cowhide, lambskin, shearling, or someother kind of fur, an animal skin rug adds instant glamour and luxury to a greatroom, office, den, or any living space you can think of. But in a world withlimited resources and a global, unregulated market, many want to know thatthey're buying ethically and humanely sourced rugs. Here is some information onhow to buy a fur or hide rug responsibly.

Fur and hide rugs have been apart of our evolution from the days of cave dwellers. Cave art depicts the useof hide and fur to provide warmth to the body and home. And just like fur andhide are built during the animal's lifetime to endure the elements, so too havethey proven oven millennia to be durable floor coverings. In particular,cowhide can camouflage dirt and absorb moisture, and looks better as it getsmore distressed, making it an especially useful item for areas and homes thatsee a lot of traffic from kids and pets.

Natural shearling and lambskinsadd a touch of luxe to any room, as do fur rugs in general. These types of rugs generally lookbest in the hues produced by nature. Craving more diversity ofcolor and design? Need to stay within range of a modest budget? Considercowhide. Because dye takes to the hide so easily and beautifully, hides areavailable in a vibrant range of colors. Additionally, cowhide is among theeasiest of hides to stitch, so it is possible to create a broad range of designs,even custom designs. And happily, cowhide is also one of the most affordable ofanimal rugs.

Just as with any animal proteinyou consume, you want to check the sourcing of the hide and fur rugs you areconsidering purchasing. For instance, cowhides are culled as part of theoverall meat production process. This practice goes back centuries, and in manycultures is considered respectful to the animal, in so much as its life was nottaken in vain, and every part was used. Because so much attention is put onhumane treatment of cattle, it is relatively simple to research the conditionsof the cattle and ensure that their treatment is humane. By the same token, youcan research the sourcing on any hide or fur rug with a few simple inquiries. Theseinquiries also raise the consciousness of your supplier and helps to ensurehumane and ethical treatment of resources. Often the supplier is a localfarmer, especially in the case of shearling, and you can be relatively certainthat the sheep enjoyed good lives grazing in green meadows.

Hide, shearling, and fur rugsare remarkably easy to care for. They absorb dirt and dust well, which can beremoved by regular shaking or beating. Most stains can be blotted or removedwith treatments specific to the stain, keeping in mind that this is animal furyou are treating. For instance with cowhide rugs, use a damp cloth or spongeand lukewarm soapy water. The fur side of the hide is quite tough, and unlikeregular rugs, you can scrub and rub in any direction. However, you want to makesure that the sponge or towel you are using isn't completely sopping wet andavoid the use of alkaline soaps or shampoos. Special cleaning of hide or furrugs, while expensive, is also an option, but hide and fur rugs can take years oftraffic with proper care and never need a professional cleaning. Bytaking good care of your hide or fur rug, it will need replacement far lessoften - yet another way to ensure responsible buying. 041b061a72


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