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Basics Of Bioinformatics: Lecture Notes Of The ... \/\/TOP\\\\

Textbook(s): The book for this course is Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach. The website for the book contains other helpful information as well. Further resources, where relevant, will be provided via links on the course website accompanying the slides or lecture notes. However, as this is an upper-level course, and you should absolutely seek out other sources explaining these topics from different angles, using different notations and examples, etc. Of course, you should also absolutely reach out to the TAs and me if you are having trouble understanding a topic in the course and have been unable to become comfortable with it from the lecture slides and other sources. In additionto the required text, here are some (non-required) textbooks that I personally recommend as references for different topics:

Basics of Bioinformatics: Lecture Notes of the ...

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You will be graded on a number of homework assignments, one midterm and a final project. Lab assignments are not turned in. Calculus is not required to achieve a passing grade in the class, but familiarity with it is helpful to understand the conceptual framework. Online lecture notes outlining this knowledge will be provided. Previous programming experience is not required.

This course focuses on the basics of bioinformatics, which is an integrated field of life science, information science, and statistical mechanics. Yamada: Understanding basics of bioinformatics for genome and metagenome analyses (6 lectures)Kitao: Learning statistical mechanics to connect biological microscopic states and macroscopic states (8 lectures) 041b061a72


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