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[Extra Quality] X-rite InkFormulation 6.0

Showcase Illumina, a UV LED retrofit curing system that allows traditional UV and water-based flexo presses to be converted to UV LED curing, boosting productivity and environmental performance while reducing costs and waste. Illumina comprises a new UV LED curing lamp system that incorporates patented and patent pending technology that is designed to operate with a completely new flexo ink system called Fujifilm 300 Series. The new 300 Series ink range, featuring line and process colors, has been developed to maximize print quality. Fujifilm 300 Series inks are compatible with all plates designed to work with UV based inks. Combined, Illumina and 300 Series inks bring the benefits of low energy UV LED curing to traditional flexo presses through a fast and simple conversion process. A patented LED chip design produces less heat, and the heat that is produced is dissipated more effectively than it is with competitor LED technologies, it is claimed. Illumina also makes it possible to print to a much wider range of heat sensitive and unsupported films, even without the use of chill rollers. The patented LED technology and innovative domed lens design helps to deliver up to 44 per cent more energy, curing print more quickly. The compact design of the Illumina unit ensures it will fit easily onto most UV flexo presses of any width, and will also mount directly onto any water-based flexo press without the need to add an extra roller as required by other LED retrofit systems. Finally, Illumina reduces noise and the amount of stray UV light, while also significantly reducing the footprint of power and chiller units in comparison to conventional UV systems, and eliminates noisy exhaust fans and mercury bulb disposal concerns.

[Extra Quality] X-rite InkFormulation 6.0



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