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Sound Forge Serial Number 10.0 Free __HOT__

"It seems like the problem is related to having a trial serial number previously installed. I couldn't activate the software with my full version serial number and saw a trial serial was still there in this key in the Windows 10 registry:

sound forge serial number 10.0 free

My registered trial demo serial number was there too, but I'm guessing when the software detects a trial key and the trial has expired then it doesn't bother with the new registered license. The software restarts and prompts you for a serial number again & again. This is a software bug.

Good afternoon David. This is Dan Pettegrew. I had to uninstall and reinstall my Audio Studio 10 over the weekend and encountered the same problem. Thank you for the workaround but it didn't work for me. Every time I change the current key data field with my purchase serial number and restart the computer, it goes back to the trial version serial number. Could I be doing something wrong? I've attempted the steps multiple times in your post but nothing yet. Thanks, Dan

Good afternoon Rick. Thank you. When I was replacing the trial serial number with the purchase serial number in the registry editor current key data field, I was including hyphens. I know in the software activation section on the tech support site says to not use hyphens when entering the serial number. Could that be the reason why I'm not able to reinstall? Thanks, Dan

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I have been using Sony Sound Forge 10 for years. All of a sudden it quit working and would not let me open it. The that popped up said I would have to have "elevated privileges" to use it, requiring administrative registration. I clicked on the "next" button , and it all went away, still not working. I purchased the software some years ago at Fry's, but have moved and thrown away the box it came in. I've tried going to the Sony web-site to get the serial number, but it gave me a serial number that apparently is not valid because Magix will not accept it. I have searched everywhere on my PC to try and find the serial number in "properties" of the software to no avail. Does anyone have an answer out there?

I would suggest that they had two bank notes with consecutive serial numbers, one note each.After identification, discard or destroy the note and you will not be able to recall the serial number.


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