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Taking Charge Of Your Fertility Download ((FULL)) 76

Opiates comprise another large group of illicit drugs. Opiates, such as methadone and heroin, are depressants that cause both sedation and decreased pain perception by influencing neurotransmitters [104]. In men taking heroin, sexual function became abnormal and remained so even after cessation [108]. Sperm parameters, most noticeably motility, also decrease with the use of heroin and methadone [103, 109]. In women, placental abruption with the use of heroin may also be a cause of infertility [61].

taking charge of your fertility download 76

Please be advised that the births files are massive flatfiles that cannot be opened using, for example, a text editor or spreadsheet application. Using some type of statistical software, such as SAS, SPSS, and STATA, is your best choice to open and run the files. Since the birth files are flatfiles, you will need input code files. See the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) website for SAS/SPSS/STATA input code files for the birth files, which are available (free of charge).

French, German, Japanese and Spanish translations of the SASB Standards are available. To download translations of the Standards, please select your industry(ies) and fill out the form.

If you are a young person with early-stage or locally advanced breast cancer and you are concerned about your ability to have children in the future, you are encouraged to talk with a fertility specialist (in addition to the doctors listed above). You should have this discussion as soon as possible after your diagnosis and before cancer treatment begins. Recommendations from the fertility specialist should always be discussed with your oncologist as well before starting any fertility-related efforts. 350c69d7ab


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