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Rush Valley ~UPD~

Rush Valley is a 30-mile (48 km) long[1] north-trending valley in the southeast of Tooele County, Utah.[2] It lies adjacent to and attached to the south of Tooele Valley; the separation point is the low point of the valley at Rush Lake, and lies at the southeast of the small mountain massif causing the separation, South Mountain at 6,541 feet (1,994 m). The region of Rush Lake is a marsh region, fed by various streams from the mountain regions east and west.

rush valley

Rush Valley narrows to about 7 miles (11 km) wide[3] in the north, between the Stansbury Mountains west, and the Oquirrh Mountains east. The valley widens in the south, making two sections, a due-south section, and a region to the southeast. The southern section contains the communities of Vernon and Faust, with Faust north, closer to the valley's center-south. Vernon is in flatlands fed by the Sheeprock Mountains or foothills, southwest, south, and southeast.

The southeast valley section is 16 miles (26 km) long[4] from the Rush Valley center and lies at the northwest of the East Tintic Mountains. A ridge north separates Rush Valley from Cedar Valley to the east. Lofgreen is in mountain foothills southwest, and Pehrson with Topliff are in lower elevation regions.

The two southern sections cover a width of about 15 miles (24 km), south of the valley center. The Rush Valley Centerpoint is north of Faust, and the small James Walter Fitzgerald Wildlife Management Area.

Utah State Route 36 (SR-36) transects the center of the valley, starting from a section at the northeast, from Tooele and Stockton. It turns and leaves the valley's southeast to meet the region of Eureka and Silver City in the East Tintic Mountains.

From the West, Utah State Route 199 (SR-199) enters the valley center from Dugway, and its canyon route through the western mountains is the dividing line between the Stansbury Mountains north, and the Onaqui Mountains south.

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Biological invasions are one of the greatest threats to native species in natural ecological systems. One of the most successful invasive species is Bromus tectorum L. (cheatgrass), which is having marked impacts on native plant communities and ecosystem processes. However, we know little about the effects of this invasion on native animal species in the Intermountain West. Because ants have been used to detect ecological change associated with anthropogenic land use, they seem well suited for a preliminary evaluation of the consequences of cheatgrass-driven habitat conversion. In our study, we used pitfall traps to assess ant community assemblages in intact sagebrush and nearby cheatgrass-dominated vegetation. Ant abundance was about 10-fold greater in cheatgrass-dominated plots than in sagebrush plots. We also noted differences in diversity and evenness between habitat types at both the species and the functional-group levels of organization. At the species level, Shannon's diversity index was greater in sagebrush plots than in cheatgrass-dominated plots. However, at the functional-group level, Simpson's and Shannon's diversity indices and the Brillouin evenness index were greater in cheatgrass-dominated plots than in sagebrush plots. Further, common species / functional groups tended to be more abundant while less common species / functional groups tended to be less abundant in cheatgrass-dominated plots compared to intact sagebrush plots. Patterns appear to be at least partially related to resource availabilities. This initial survey of ant communities from intact-native and altered vegetation types may be indicative of similar trends of biodiversity shifts throughout the Intermountain West where cheatgrass has successfully replaced native species. We also discuss the implications of ant communities on land management activities, specifically in the context of aridland restoration.

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