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The most unique attribute of UpLead is its technographics feature, which pulls data about the current technology a company is using. This is valuable intelligence for software as a service (SaaS) sales reps. For example, if your business is looking for prospects to sell a VoIP system to, UpLead can determine which CRM the prospect is currently using and identify those that integrate with a VoIP service.

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This detailed filtering of B2C leads is invaluable for organizations targeting leads based on demographics, interests, or behaviors. For example, a mortgage broker may want to target high-net-worth individuals with large homes to promote a refinancing solution suited for affluent individuals. Or, a political campaign might want to source a list of potential campaign donors based on those who donated to other candidates in the past. is a scalable email list generation website in which the number of available credits is the only differentiating factor for each plan. This service is strictly for prospect email address acquisition and verification, as it does not have any features for communicating with leads.

Compared to the other providers on this list, the most unique feature of is the confidence scoring for each email. The platform uses multiple factors to determine a confidence score for each lead, including a mail server test, a pattern score for each domain, and a uniqueness score.

The attributes that stand out the most for the Lusha lead purchasing service are features associated with data enrichment of leads and its ability to manage contact information. For example, except for free plan users, all plans enable CSV contact list exports. Plus the Premium and Enterprise plans allow integration with several popular CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

The D&B Hoovers system is robust in the information it can compile for your business due to the number of sources it pulls from and integrations it has with other data providers like Bombora. In addition to the lead generation service, the platform has additional capabilities for verifying data and posting your business as a listing. Here are a few feature highlights of D&B Hoovers:

Fiverr is an online platform for freelance gigs that allows you to hire a freelancer who can find or aggregate B2B and B2C leads for you. You can fine-tune your search for the right freelancer by using its filters for category, service options, seller details, budget, and delivery time. The report format can also vary depending on the freelancer, but you can ask them to list all the leads in a spreadsheet and point you to the relevant ones.

Since anyone can sign up for an online gig on Fiverr, you risk receiving low-quality leads and list formats that are not up to your standards. If you want to make the most of your budget and receive only relevant leads with correct information, consider using UpLead.

Benefits of Buying Business LeadsBuying leads for your business is a common sales management practice. It offers unique benefits compared to lead generation methods like referrals, collecting information through online web forms, or creating content to attract inbound prospects. While it tends to be a more expensive option, some of its advantages include:

To pick the best sources to buy the best sales leads lists, we evaluated the unique features offered by lead sellers. We also compared common product and service attributes, like scalability in subscription plan options or credits-based currency, and the ability to export contact lists. Plus, we looked at plugin capabilities for Chrome web browsing, and integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Buying leads saves you time researching prospect information and inputting lead contact information into a database, making it a valuable investment that sales managers should consider. These services used to purchase leads offer value to your business by generating a large number of verified leads for your pipeline and providing intelligence that can be used to ramp up sales conversions.

A B2B lead list is a list of companies that your business wants to acquire as customers. The list will have company names, decision-maker names and roles, email addresses, phone numbers and further details such as industry or their LinkedIn profile.

This list can then be used by your marketing teams or sales team to get in touch with potential customers. B2B lead lists are essential for many businesses as lead generation is often one of the top priorities for B2B companies.

Buying a B2B lead list is a quick way to generate new B2B leads for your business. That said, it has a bad reputation and often, with good reason. Purchased B2B lists are often seen as low-quality, inaccurate and may not have undergone data cleansing.

That said, purchasing a B2B lead list can be especially useful for building a high-growth startup or expanding small businesses as it can quickly give you a list of potential clients with very little hassle. You just have to make sure to do your research.

Some B2B lead lists are filled with generic leads to suit many different companies; this can be a huge waste of money. Instead you should have a clear idea of your target market and communicate it to your lead vendor.

Quality over quantity is an essential part of finding high-quality leads from B2B lead list providers. Some lead vendors will try to sell you as many leads as possible and your relationship ends there. These leads will be less likely to help your business.

Nowadays, many lead generation companies offer monthly plans rather than one-off payments for a lead list. They provide regularly updated, high-quality lead lists on a monthly basis, which can be much more cost-effective than buying a one-off and potentially outdated list.

Another approach to lead generation is to hire a consultant or work with a dedicated service. While this is more expensive than buying or renting a lead list, it is more likely to provide you with high-quality leads with a high conversion rate.

Then, you collect a list of names, along with their company names, titles, and preferably some references (e.g. to something they wrote or shared) for more personalized snippets. You literally create parts of your emails, having in mind the first draft of your copy. I described the process in more detail here. Then you use some tools to help you find email addresses of your sales leads.

This is the way that allows you to build very well targeted lists. Because you do the research yourself, you actually get to learn who your sales leads are. As a result, you are able to write recipient-centered copy that is sincere and feels natural. And it works great.

Nonetheless, this is the way you need to try, not only because it works, but also because it actually allows you to get to know your ideal prospects and understand a lot about the process of effective cold emailing.

No matter what you pick or come up with yourself, make sure to stay focused on your prospects. Keep in mind the goal of your outreach. Verify, if your way does not disqualify you from getting positive responses in the end.

That's the mindset many marketers find themselves in when they're on the phone with a list-purchasing company: We need new people to email to support our sales team. Acting on that moment of desperation, however, can cause more harm than good.

You work with a list provider to find and purchase a list of names and email addresses based on demographic and/or psychographic information. For example, you might purchase a list of 50,000 names and email addresses of people who live in Minnesota and don't have children. There are several sustainable ways to use email marketing to grow your business. This isn't one of them.

What "opt-in" lists don't mean, however, is that email recipients opted in to receive email communications from your business. This is a critical distinction, and the next section of this post will go into more detail on why this type of "opt-in email list" (should be read with air quotes) is not a good idea for your email marketing program.

If you're using email marketing software or plan to in the future, you'll find that reputable companies will insist that you use opt-in email lists. You might be saying, "I'll just use a non-reputable email marketing vendor."

Alas, ESPs on shared IP addresses that don't require customers to use opt-in email lists typically suffer poor deliverability. Why? One customer's ill-gotten email address list can poison the deliverability of the other customers on that shared IP address. You're going to want to hitch your wagon to the light side of the email marketing force if you want your emails to actually get into inboxes.

Unless your company is in the middle of a merger or acquisition, you're not going to come across a high-quality email list you can purchase. If it's for sale, it means the email addresses on it have already been deemed non-responsive or unqualified for marketing outreach.

I referenced this earlier, but it's worth going into some more detail on this subject. Rented and purchased lists are sometimes scraped from other websites, which, I think we can all agree, is a dirty way to acquire email marketing contacts.

But let's say the email addresses you're looking to purchase were not taken from another site but rather earned legitimately. Email list purchase and rental companies might tout that those lists are "opt-in." Sounds great, right?

If you purchase a list, you have no way of confirming how often those email addresses have been emailed, whether the email addresses on that list have been scrubbed for hard bounces to prevent identifying you as a spammer, or from where those email addresses originated.

Are you really willing to risk not only your email deliverability, but also the reputation of your IP address and your company? Even if you find the light after purchasing or renting email lists and decide to only email those who have opted in with your company, it'll take you months (or maybe years) to get your Sender Score up and rebuild the reputation of your IP. 041b061a72


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