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Tka 7z 006

Poerava Business Class features the "RAVE" Entertainment system with a 16" HD touch screen at each seat, with a remote control for each individual. Moana Premium seats have a 13" HD touch screen at each seat while Moana Economy seats feature a 12" screen at each seat. Popular music is available in addition to Tahiti radio.

Tka 7z 006

Poerava Business Class features the "RAVE" Entertainment system with a 16" HD touch screen at each seat, with a remote control for each individual. Moana Premium seats have a 13" HD touch screen at each seat while Moana Economy seats feature a 12" screen at each seat. Up to 14 movies and 24 TV programs are available on demand.

This Boeing 787-9 is the newest addition to Air Tahiti Nui' fleet. This three-class aircraft seats a total of 294 passengers, and features up-to-date amenities, including personal Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) and personal 110v power ports at every seat in Poerava Business and Moana Premium.

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gatatatatatat,To fix this:1. Set browser zoom to 80% (It looks too far in at first, but trust me, it works.)2. Scroll so the center of the game window is in the center of viewing.3. Hold the "fn" key and press f11 while holding it to make gamcore fullscreen.4. Scroll so the game window perfectly fits.*Bows* You're welcome. Hold the applause.

Got a bit of an issue; when I try to play I get "Accidental Woman was unable to load necessary resource files. There are a couple possible causes for seeing this message, but all are quite easy to fix. Follow the below instructions to determine the problem. If you still have problems after following the instructions, visit the AW Discord Server for assistance. State your problem and you should receive help pretty quickly.

Its sad i like this game, but no matter how much times i try again i always die of depression before the end of the first week, its way too hard, plus she's always so stressed and barely anything helps it, and there is indeed a lot of errors, which sucks a bit, but as long as it doesn't stop me from playing its alright, just wish i wouldn't die so quick, maybe check that please ?

if you are stuck on the Burger tsar code part then use one of these codes 1661 boob, normal start7377 tits, megaTits, Mega Milk Start2337 eggs, ultraFertile, Ultra-Fertile Start1857 cunt, puddlingCunt, Mega Wet Start

ok, I found a way to get past the job selection part-down in the bottom left corner, there is a rather transparent button that says 'escape'.Click it and a popup will appear. press yes and then you're free to play.(now the job selection part sometimes comes up again for me when I change clothing, so just repeat initial instructions.) 041b061a72


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